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this is korrekt tapes
  correct tapes, tapes that are correct
this is le chique   swing with monsieur-le-mustache
enjoy the legendary shit jazz series   serious shit new!
this is eurotapes!   cheap but cheerful, the empty tape-label
this is hip!   all the classics on one label
wir fahrn...fahrn....fahrn   highway hitmix
this is consumer tapes   what counts here is sound-shareholder-value
here are the phat tapes...   don't stop the ghetto rock!

go to chansonovski   an exquisite selection of carefully selected pieces
esotapez   field-recordings und professionelle eso-Musik.
mixkassetten paradies   mixkassette.de on schickytapes
go to spacetapes   lo fi. hi fi analogue. digital postrock. alien food.


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